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This site has been created  to help you in your decision making process for a new chiropractic table, the most important capital investment in your office. Some of the questions you may ask yourself. What type of table do I need for my practice, stationary, electric or activator? What type of adjusting techniques do I use and will this table accommodate these? How many doctors work out of my office and do I need to adjust the height of the table to accommodate myself  and the other doctors? Will I be offering services for pediatric care, patients with disabilities etc? What special table options will I need ,drop pieces, wider cushions?  What will  be the cost of future maintenance for table repairs, table parts, and upholstery replacement covers?  If my electric, hydraulic table breaks down can I have it repaired in my area? Do I have  to send my table out for three or four days to have a cushion or complete table recovered? offers access to many of the top manufacturers and distributors of chiropractic tables in the industry through our new website. Access the profile page for each manufacturer and distributor with a direct link to their entire line of tables. You no longer need to spend hours searching  the internet for information on the many types of chiropractic tables currently being offered in today's marketplace, we have done the work for you. 

We hope this site will help you in your table decision making and please feel free to forward your comments on how we may improve on this website to better serve you.

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In Memoriam

Dynasty Equipment Corp. Ltd. - manufacturers of the Dynasty and Lesarn chiropractic tables has closed. Company owner Mr. Gordon J. J. Gibson passed away on August 8, 2013.

Custom Chiropractic Equipment makers of the Turbo tables are no longer returning email or telephone messages. It has been reported they may no longer be in business.

KYRO Manufacturing Co
. Fort Worth Texas makers of the Kyroflex tables are no longer in business.

F and B Chiropractic Inc. are no longer in business.


Please be aware that Health Canada has suspended the Class 2 medical devices license for the Axiom DRX-9000 spinal decompression table effective May 5, 2010. For further information click this link.

Important information for American Chiropractors purchasing new equipment for their clinics. Buy a chiropractic table in 2009 and see big tax savings Article written by Chris Towery

Please follow these links to review the increase in these tax savings over previous years. Under the current Stimulus Act - Section 179 these savings will end December 31, 2009. We recommend you review these links with your accountant.

Economic Stimulus Act Section 179 Tax Deduction Calculator for 2009 by

Section 179 Tax Deductions for 2009


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